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Ultrarunning Coaching Services

for Every Runner

Who do I help?

   Those looking for a challenge beyond the marathon distance. Most clients start with a 50k, but I can help you achieve any running goal!


Not quite up for a 50k (yet)?

   No worries! I’m still excited to help you achieve your running goals.

What do I have to offer? 

A few options, actually:

1. Free 15 minute initial discussion - Schedule today!

  • Tell me about your running goals.

  • Briefly discuss your running background, successes, and struggles

  • Your current fitness abilities

  • Your next steps to achieving your goals

  • If I’m the one that’s right to help you through the process!

2. Custom Training Plan (for up to 6 months):

  • Includes:

    1. An initial 1-hour call to discuss background information, your current level of fitness, discuss your goal, and anything else I need to know to make the best training plan for you and your lifestyle.

    2. 1 revision to the plan based on your feedback. You also have the option of a 30-minute call to discuss said feedback, prior to completing the updates.

  • Cost: $150 USD (one-time payment)

  • Request Option #2

3. Custom Training Plan + 3 Touch Point Calls

  • Includes:

    1. Everything from Option #2

    2. 3 one hour touch point calls

      • These calls can be used at any point throughout the plan.

  • Following each call, I will update and adjust your training plan accordingly based on what we discussed.

  • Cost: $315 USD

    1. Billing: $150 upfront + $55 after each touch point call

  • Request Option #3

4. 1-on-1 Coaching:

  • Includes:

    1. A custom training plan that will be delivered in multi-week chunks based on how training is going 

    2. Weekly 60-minute check-in calls.

    3. 24/7 access to me for questions, concerns, etc. (via text or Facebook messenger)

    4. Ongoing updates to your training plan.

  • Cost: $200 USD per month

  • Request Option #4

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