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Ever come across a beautifully peaceful place with an awesome view?

Ever find yourself on a run and next moment come across a beautifully peaceful place with an awesome view? I was just out yesterday (Dec. 27th) making my way back on a run from Lysterfield Park. In all it was supposed to be a 10km run, one that my wife had done a bunch and been praising it’s beauty. Well, she ran to the park and I drove down with our daughter to meet her. The original plan was play and swim on the beach, but our little one had other plans and decided it was nap time. Ha! So we did a quick switch when I arrived. I grabbed my running gear and she jumped behind the wheel and headed back. I then made my way back as well, initially taking the route she suggested (Logan Park Track). However, I was eventually allured by a side track with a beautiful hill. Nothing crazy about the size and length of the hill, but one of those hills that whispers, “Come run up me...”. So I did just that (Mahogany Track). That then led to a parallel path to my original (Thompson Track). After some lovely single track, that dumped me out to a junction. I then headed straight on down a wider track (Boys Farm Track). This led me to the top of Follow Me Track. Once there I found some rocks to have a run up and then a beautiful clearing with nothing but green and rolling hills in every direction. So I stopped to take in the view and snap some shots. After having a look around, I spied a perfect rock to have a seat with the sudden notion that it’d be a perfect place for a short meditation. I was right and it was truly calming. The ability to sit with the warm sun on your body and not a care, except one to focus on your breath, was a pure moment of relaxation. Eventually, I brought the session to a close and opened my eyes to the same beautiful view. Then it was time to carry on with the rest of the run. Not to say the rest was not beautiful, it really was picturesque at multiple spots, but I’ll let the pics speakWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. for themselves. Though did I mention it was a hot one? Ha! The temp topped out at 103 degrees Fahrenheit / about 39.5 degrees Celcius.

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