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Do you overdo it running wise to the point of injury?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Do you overdo it running wise to the point of injury? At the beginning of 2018 I would have said, "Nope, I feel great!" So why would I have considered stopping or slowing down or taking an all our break away from running? Well, I didn't, got injured in May (pics taken end of May), and regretted it later. Bursitis in my big toe was the diagnosis and it is still to this day the worst pain I had ever felt. However, I really do think it was my body telling me to, "STOP!" Stop with the running, even for a little while. I was out for about 6 months, until I was back to running normally just recently in November and December (I was getting out for short, small runs about 3.5 to 4 months after it occurred). I now look back, running pain free again, and realise this was a blessing. I now approach running with less emphasis from a training perspective and more from a “just get out there and enjoy life” perspective. This is something I believe I always carried with me, but there was usually a race or training run with friends helping the drive to run as well. So going forward, I am committing to myself to take time off of running completely, or doing very minimal amounts of it, for weeks at a time. What did I do in the meantime? I realised it was more time to be spent with my family, going on hikes (solo or with family and/or friends), reading, starting/working on my blog, meditate more, playing guitar and revisiting songs that I've wanted to learn/start to learn, etc. Not to say I didn't do this before, it just changed the dynamics of my life. Overall it was a positive learning experience and time to grow in other ways beyond running. Want the full story? Then check out my blog post here: #runninginjury #runninginjuries #plantpoweredathlete #veganrunner #veganrunners #patienceiskey #restandrecovery #positivegrowth #takeabreak #bursitis #extremepain #dontforgettosmile #overdoingit #rebuild #runningrebuild #meditationiskey #blessingindisguise #freethefeet

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