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Does finding litter drive you nuts?

Does finding litter drive you nuts?

Does it just make you question how another human being can think that this is “OK”?

I don’t like to come from a negative perspective and try to approach things from multiple sides. However, blatant littering I can never come to a justifiable reasoning as to why someone would knowingly do this to our beautiful environment.  In turn, leaving it in a bad state for the next person to “enjoy." The only reason that came to mind is that an animal got into a trash bag over night and dragged things off into the forest. This picture was taken not too far from our campsite. However, I could easily walk down their with our young child in tow. So I don’t see an excuse for someone to recognise that something got into their trash and clean up the mess. I admit I don’t go traipsing through the bush looking for trash, but this was right on a decently formed track and pretty big items - so hard to miss. Furthermore, we were at Kurth Kilhn, where there are signs posted noting that you have to take your trash out. However, I drove past an empty site coming in where there were two full bags of trash just sitting there. Don’t know the back story though I could make assumptions. Elsewhere, there were beer cans, other bottles, toilet paper/paper towel, those blue/white dish cloths, all strewn throughout the bush off the same path behind our campsite. There was broken glass in our site, paper towel left unburned in the fire pit, etc. We noticed this similar level of littering the last time we stayed here.

Alas, it’s free camping.

Though why does that mean, leave your sh*t all about the place?? I hate to say start charging, but at other paid campsites you pay you have to fill out a form and say what campsite you stayed at while there. The the Kurth Kilhn campsites are already numbered. So it would just mean the park needs to complete some overhead and follow-up with these people (and fine them accordingly?).

Brent, why didn’t you just pick it up?

Because I didn’t have latex gloves stashed in our camping “go box” (a box of all the essentials we always use/need so we can just chuck it into the car for car camping). Otherwise I would. Seriously. This was something we did as Scouts a lot wherever we would camp and in the local area. It was ingrained into us to always leave a place better than we found it and be meticulous about it. So I guess that’s why it’s a pet peeve of mine.

I do understand that not everyone has gone through the same life experiences as me, but seriously people.

I imagine it’d be a different story if this amount of litter just appeared in your own garden/yard.

And that’s the problem, how do we help educate everyone to realise that the same protectiveness that one applies to their own yard/garden needs to also apply to nature at large? Everyone needs to do there part and then some.

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