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Going for a run with a negative headspace


One word that describes my mood during this run.

The headspace was not a good one.

Though I forced myself to get the shoes on, lace them up, do minimal stretching, and just go.

Luckily, I knew what I needed to do distance wise based on my training plan and I have a go to route for said distance.

So it really was just a matter of pointing my body in that direction and go, along with a few nudges here and there as well as turns.

My body knew what to do but my head was getting in the way.

Luckily my body just did its thing, albeit at a much slower pace than normal, and I could just let my head do whatever it wanted.

It was about 3/4 of the way in that I decided to take this video.

As I noted, to show that not all runs out are sunshine, rainbows, and beautiful views.

I'm also sure I'm not the only one that struggles mentally periodically.

So my hope in putting this out there is that it gives someone in a similar headspace the nudge to lace up and go run as well, especially when it seems like the very last thing you feel like doing.

And yes, somewhere in filming this I found a smile and a few laughs over it all.


Apologies for the abrupt ending as my phone ran out of space.


Happy Running! ✌🏻😊

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