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How do you clear your mind?

How do you clear your mind? This past Sunday my head was in a funk in the morning. I had already planned on heading out for a run, but was debating my options and second guessing what I wanted to do. My head wanted a roaming run in a new area. My body wanted a “go to” track and hill repeats. Deep down I wanted the hill repeats as well and didn’t feel like running to the new area in order to go explore. Plus I felt like I’d be dodging a hard work out and regret it later. I then headed out, only telling my wife that I was headed to the hill but nothing more. I didn’t have a plan outside of run up the hill once. Prior to that I could see myself carrying on down the track after climbing the hill, and not do any repeats and then a loop through local Sherbrooke Forest. Though once I got to the top, I found my turn around, literally a piece a bark laying across the track - my finish line ha!, by a tree and turned around back down the hill. After reaching the bottom, and finding my turn around there, I realised that round trip it was about 15 min. Throw on the 15 min. to get to the track, and holding 15 min. to get home, I had an hour to work with which equates to another 3 hill repeats. My overall goal was to run all hill repeats. Not fast. Just at a good steady, “all day,” pace. Don’t get me wrong, it was still hard work but I got into a good groove and was able to knock out 3 more repeats. It definitely brought some stares from people I passed both ways - ha! Plus a laugh from an older couple when I said, “Hello again.” To which that made my day, because they clearly were having fun out there on their own hike, at their own pace, and found amusement in the situation, versus annoyance in my running up and down. In the end, the hill repeats were exactly what I needed. My head cleared, I felt great, and overall felt like I keep going all day. Though, I didn’t bring a snack and only had 1.5 hours to work with total. So had to get back home. Ha! Till next time. 😊 Note: The video shows my downhill zig zagging technique mentioned in a previous post. #clearyourmind #mentalclarity #veganultrarunner #plantbasedathlete #plantpoweredathlete #ultrarunner #trailrunners #centered #mindfulness #hillrepeats #runthehills #trailrunninglife #plantpowered #hillrunning #runupthathill #trailrunning #trailrunner #ultrarunning #plantpoweredrunner #plantbasedrunner #breathe #bethebestversionofyou #mentalfocus #moreenergy #runallday

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