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How do you give back?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

How do you give back? Donations? Time? Support in another way? The holidays - a time of giving as they always say. Gifts though are something I’ve not always wanted to receive. I remember when I was younger and repeatedly told my mom one year that I did not want anything for Christmas. Though she persisted. I gave in and asked for a new book and not sure what else. The book was alright and didn’t finish it. I don’t even remember the other things I received that year (probably some candy and cash/gift cards). Where am I going with this? Lately, I have been asking for a donation made on my behalf instead of asking for things "just because" it is Christmas, or my birthday, or whatever. Specifically to Charity: Water (thank you Rich Roll for the idea!). Check them out, they're awesome and so is their mission. $30 (USD) gives one person clean drinking water and 100% of your donation goes to that mission. Between my birthday and Christmas, people on my behalf gave at least 5+ people clean drinking water - and that is awesome! It really meant a lot to me that people respected that wish. Now of course, my mother and mother-in-law still felt the need to get me something. So I got socks (I really appreciate new socks for running and life), plus Rich Roll's revised book, a waterproof hiking pack cover, and N/A beer (I stopped drinking but more on that in a future post). So these are things that I will use for years to come (well the N/A beer will be enjoyed in the near future - ha!). Don't get me wrong, if there is something I need or want then I do ask for it. Most times recently it is gear replacing old, worn out, and/or non-working gear or filling in a gap (proper water resistant gloves go a long way - ha!). In short, being able to have these would be gifts turned into a life saving necessity for someone else really feels wonderful. 🙏🏻😊 @richroll @charitywater #charitywater #richrollpodcast #givethegiftofgiving #donations #veganrunners #plantpoweredathlete #veganultrarunner #plantbasedultrarunner #charity #veganrunner #plantpowered #environmentalist #environmentalism #waterchangeseverything #givingback #timeofgiving #goodcause #actsofkindness

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