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How do you see yourself as a runner?

How do you see yourself as a runner? Do you try and keep up with others and their race aspirations? Are you a lone wolf? Race and event fanatic? Run adventurer? Awkward-trail-selfie-through-waterproof-case master? For myself it was easy to get caught up in thinking what’s the next race, especially when hearing other people’s plans. Though I have come to realise that I truly enjoy coming up with my own adventures, whether that is with others or not. I also have no idea how some people fund their race habits, especially here in Australia, when they can easily be a couple hundred dollars a piece. Ha! That aside, I also just love running, and enjoy running with all sorts of people, different distances and terrain, by myself, races, made up adventures, doesn’t matter. The key is finding that for yourself, owning that, and not feeling like you need to be doing what others are doing. By the way, the Outdoor Research Helium II (2) is an awesome jacket! Light weight, waterproof, great hood with easy tightening system, and keeps you relatively warm during a cool rain run. I have also used it as my rain coat on a camping trip. The downsides were:

- It is shorter in the front and longer in the back. So you can potentially have the bottom of your shirt and top of your pants/shorts exposed. The solution was throw on my rain pants (granted one more thing to throw on and dry later).

- There are only 2 pockets: 1) one on the chest and the 2) other (if you want to call it a pocket) is on the inside and is actually what you pack the jacket into. So for a running jacket this is fine and great. For an every day rain jacket, where I at least want a pocket for my phone and another for my wallet, not so great. Though again, if camping I'd just throw on my rain pants. Around town, likely will just grab my old jacket.

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