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Do you enjoy the little things in life?

Do you enjoy the little things in life? Like new socks. 🧦 My family and I exchanged gifts with one another via a Secret Santa drawing. My mother ended up having me. All I asked for was for the total amount of the pre-agreed upon amount to be donated to Charity: Water (look them up, they’re an awesome organisation: However my mother, being me mother, got me two surprise pairs of socks. I admit, I appreciated the surprise of the socks. I appreciated even more that she still donated the amount to the charity, which made me even happier knowing it goes directly to giving people clean water (cheesy sounding but true). Though as a runner, come on, we always enjoy a new pair of socks that work really well. These two have yet to be on a maiden run, but having a similar pair I expect all will go well (or I hope so at least, ha!). But seriously, check out Charity: Water. 100% of your donation goes towards giving someone clean water. (Thanks for the idea Rich Roll!) Note: I have no ties to nor receive any financial benefit from Pearl Izumi nor Charity: Water. So I am definitely interested in checking out Scott Harrison book. Have you read it yet? What did you think?

Interested in the featured socks? I really like the Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Sock, and looks like my mom got me the bike sock. Ha! Needless to say, they work great for running, especially trail running. They're a thin sock, which is what I like. I am not a fan of an overly padded, thick sock that takes up room in your shoe. Then heaven forbid you get that thick sock wet and then you're left with a soggy excuse of a sock in your shoe. With these, there is none of that. Get them wet, nail a puddle, doesn't matter, your feet don't feel like their still standing in that puddle. Sure they're still wet but not uncomfortably so. So I don't know if its because they drain well or dry quickly, I just know they work and I like them. The men's attack aren't bad either but there is a slight noticeable difference, in that their a slightly (and I mean slightly) thicker sock, but still good overall. Granted, I'd still grab for the elite pairs (my mom got me another pair for Christmas last year - ha!) for a race or longer run or just because I prefer them.

Check them out below (Note: the white pair are not the exact other pair I have. I thought I got a pair of Elites and one Attack pair. Though the latter look similar to what I thought were the non-Elite pair):

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