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Rich Roll and Finding Ultra

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Wow, where to start with this post...

For me, my relationship with Rich all started back when I read his book Finding Ultra in 2013 or 2014. My wife picked up his book and Scott Jurek's Eat & Run book as a birthday "gift". I was also about Scott and wanted to jump right into his book. Though I read the inside cover of both and Rich's story really just resonated with me, as there were a surprising number of similarities with our lives. Granted we're about 2 decades different in age, I was never a laywer, never really hit a rock bottom, wasn't a full blown alcoholic, BUT I had issues with alcohol, have felt that there is something more that I should be doing with my life, veganism (plant based, whole food) changed my life, and I am on this wonderful journey with my loving, supportive wife and daughter. The book overall was a great outline of his life from early childhood through his early working career, which then lead to his ever increasing drinking and partying problems, a failed first marriage, etc. Then he finds himself through getting sober, meets and marries Julie Pyatt, but finds he is far from healthy.

It was a health scare the night before his 40th birthday that he decided to go all in vegan, juice, etc. with Julie's help. Fast forward, he then finds a new well of energy and life, and becomes the former athlete he once was and arguably then some. His then Ultra Man competitions and the Epic 5 cement his physical transformation and new lifestyle, which eventually leads to his book, a top podcast (link below), another book co-authored with Julie, a revised version of Find Ultra (which I now own), and the list goes on.

He has been an inspiration, especially making such big life changes later on in his life with a family. So it helps motivate me seeing that and knowing that it is definitely possible for my wife and I. Here is to the adventure ahead!

Check out his podcast here or wherever you go for your podcast listening: It's free. There are sooo many great guests and a wealth of information for both your listening and viewing (more so recently) pleasure. Enjoy!

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