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What are you looking forward to in 2019?

What are you looking forward to in 2019? Is it change? More of the same constants, that bring you joy? Or, a bit of both? For me both. Definitely love the constants of my family and the joy they bring to me. Definitely looking forward to a new year and what it has to offer and bring. Running wise, looking forward to building back a solid base after being out for 6 months (till I was back to normal running) in 2018 due to a toe injury. So no races planned at the moment. Runs will be a bit more free form, letting my body dictate things. Of course I'll be listening and in tune with it, especially to prevent any ailments that would derail things again. So in all, it'll be fun just getting out then, loving running as I usually do, and taking in the experiences run by run. Happy New Year! 😊 #plantpoweredathlete #veganultrarunner #trailrunninglife #2019goals #newyears2019 #loverunning #familytime👪 #runningfree #2019 #newyears #smile😁 #veganrunners #veganrunner #sherbrookeforestpark #sherbrookeforest #belgravevic #dandenongranges #belgravevictoria

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