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What makes you smile during a run?

What makes you smile during a run? Selfies? (Even if shot through a waterproof case - Ha!) Rain runs? Running with friends? How about taking selfies on rain runs with friends? Rain runs are a truly wonderful experience. Sure thunder can be scary and lightning unsafe, but a simple run through the rain can be fun and invigorating. The unexpected downfall of rain can test your fortitude, testing your will to carry on with your run. Or, it's a quick switch to pretend you're an airplane and "fly" down the track in the rain. Ha! Seriously though, some of my most memorable runs have been in the rain. All the way back to high school, while cross training for swimming and water polo, during my longest run to date (a 75k trail race), or just recently with friends through a nearby park. It always brings a smile to my face. 😊 #smile😁 #runandsmile #rainrun #rainrunning #trailfriends #frienships #awkwardselfies #runselfierepeat #selfierun #selfies #trailrunninglife #veganultrarunner #plantpoweredathlete #trailrunbuddies #mentalfortitude #belgravevic #dandenongranges #belgravevictoria #outdoorresearch

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