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What stops you from going on your run or exercising?

What stops you from going on your run or exercising? — Is it life in general? Lack of motivation? No goal? Lack of planning? — For me it tends to be overthinking it. I’ve worked recently with my life coach on a number of things. One of the keys things was doing some form of exercise in the morning, after tending to my child but before work. A lot of times I found myself thinking, oh it’s already this time, I need to get online (I work from home) and get working. Realistically, taking the time to go do something for at least 20 minutes is well worth it. Plus I get to capitalise on the awesome place that we live, with all the natural beauty and fresh air. So for me, it is a priority to get out in the morning versus saying, “I’ll go at lunch” - doesn’t happen, “I’ll go in the afternoon as a break” - doesn’t happen, “I’ll go after my daughter goes down” - sometimes too dark and my wife prefers not to come to this option or too tired and... you guessed it... doesn’t happen. So for me, and I’m not usually a morning person, but the morning is where I try and get my exercise in. Most days I go for a run, but again even a walk or something helps set a positive mindset for the rest of the day. — Hope you find what works for you. 😊 — #positivemindpositivelife #lifecoachingworks #veganultrarunner #plantpoweredathlete #trailrunninglife #dailyexcercise #moveyourbodyeveryday #positivedailyhabits #mentalclarityandfocus #veganrunners #getoutsidemore #buffingbilly #belgravevictoria #workfromhomelife #removeroadblocksinyourlife #belgravevic #dandenongranges

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