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Where do you meditate?

Where do you meditate? Do you have a set time, place, time and place, or are you more spontaneous? While out on a run the other day (Dec. 27th), I was happily running and exploring some new tracks when I came across the top of Follow Me Track in Lysterfield Park. Once there I found some rocks to have a run up and then a beautiful clearing with nothing but green and rolling hills in every direction. So I stopped to take in the view and snap some shots. After having a look around, I spied a perfect rock to have a seat with the sudden notion that it’d be a perfect place for a short meditation. I was right and it was truly calming. The ability to sit with the warm sun on your body and not a care, except one to focus on your breath, was a pure moment of relaxation. Eventually, I brought the session to a close and opened my eyes to the same beautiful view. To answer my own questions. This is definitely something I have been working to be more consistent with lately. Going well? Well not so consistently, but still working to be better at it. Why? Because I feel it really does bring calm, clarity, and relaxation. Also, breath controls pays dividends for your running. I am not a running coach. Though way back when a running instructor told me to breath through my nose to help prevent lower back tightness. I took that and turned it into something that has worked for me, in through the nose and out the mouth, and helps me stayed relaxed and calm even in tense running moments. Side Note: I have tried a number of things to help me meditate and guide my meditation. I remember trying longer chanting recordings, but that was a bit too out there for me for a start.

Then my wife and I came across/heard about the Headspace app. That definitely made meditation much more approachable and easier to do quite frankly. I only stuck to the 10 (if I recall correctly) free sessions, but would redo them once I got to the end. Though I then fell out of practice. Reflecting on it, it felt like there was still a bit too much going on in the sense that meditation is actually really simple.

Enter the 10% Happier app. I heard about this on the Rich Roll Podcast when Rich say down with Dan Harris. Oh my gosh, where has this app been! I seriously didn't realise that meditation, at its core, it mindful breathing. What I mean is just focusing on nothing but your breath. D'uh! Ha! Seriously, this was a great app from the standpoint that it broke things down and made meditation really simple. I recommend trying it out. It has a free beginner course and many free guided meditations that go from a minute to an hour plus, from what I remember. By course I mean actual videos explaining meditation and a lot of related topics. I have also been interested in checking out Dan's book below, but have not yet pulled the trigger. Though something to consider.

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