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What do you think about while you’re running?

What do you think about while you’re running?

Do you let the mind wander? Stay focused on the task at hand? Or does it vary wildly depending on the moment/run/workout/etc.?

Some days for me it is a wandering mind, going over everything on my plate at the moment. A lot times that’s a good thing because it also help clear up and gain focus on one or a couple of those items and breathe some clarity into it.

Sometimes my mind is just off wandering for wandering sake.

Then there are the moments where those thoughts dissipate and it’s just you, your breath, and the rest of you body flowing on your run. It’s this moment which to me is awesome. It’s a bit meditative but then truly focused on the task at hand: the run.

Where am I going with all of this?

Good question and I don’t think there needs to be a point. Though I will say, find what works for you and always be mindful. It’s interesting what you begin to notice once you start tuning into these things. Especially things you’d otherwise not think about or pay any attention.

Note: The pic was taken through my waterproof case due to the rain, hence the blurriness.

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